A Thailand Textile adventure with TAT


::: O F F .  T O .  T H A I L A N D :::   (FOR A WEEK!)

The coming few days will be a very educational and exciting adventure for coraux mei as coraux mei has been invited by the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) to take part in a textile adventure with seven other UK designers.

This is part of the 'Discover Thainess' Thailand Campaign for 2015 where we will be discovering and learning about Thai textiles and traditional design for one week. 



One group; consisting of a great pair of ladies of  The Basket Room (amazing baskets from Kenya) - shall be on their way to the hills in the Nan Province in the north of Thailand exploring Thai-Lue COTTON textiles, whilst coraux mei will be joining the SILK exploration visiting a village in the Surin & Buri Ram province. The silk typical to this region is Mud-Mee Silk and I can't wait to learn how is is produced and share more!

We will then spend time out there  making a new product using our textiles (Mud-Mee silk for me!) and finally present our designed + made products and share our discoveries with  the Thai Minister of Tourism. 

Being grateful for such an opportunity, I am looking forward to find out more about a country and culture I adore already and to experiment with a textile new to coraux mei. And also to meet the other designers! To follow the journey, tune into the updates on the blog here, FacebookInstagram and Twitter. Huge thanks to TAT! 

To find out more about travelling in Thailand - here's a great guide to follow with COWORKER!

Kop khun kha คุณ ขอบคุณ :)