Charles Darwin School Visit

A few months ago, coraux mei made a visit to a GCSE Textile Design and Technology class at the Charles Darwin School in Kent, England. I gave a short talk on what coraux mei is about and talked about symbolic tribal textiles and what they mean in (namely) H'mong culture. The class had so many questions! It was great to see their enthusiasm. 

To top it off, I set a little task for the class to create their very own symbolic meaningful patterns and designs in repetitive form. It was a very fun morning - watching their designs unfold was really inspiring. Some including 'Macdonalds' logos and burgers!

A few months later, I have found it very inspiring once again after receiving an image of the fruits of their labour!  Handprinted colourful patterned fabric made into an iPhone case (no signs of Macdz or burgers!). Truly GREAT work class! I trust they will do very well now and in future :)