Thai Academy 3 Creations by coraux mei

Working in challenging 43 degrees celsius heat was a totally new experience! Working with local Thai university students who study textiles and fashion design was absolutely fantastic. They learnt, we learnt - what an exchange.

We all teamed up at the wonderful and educational Queen Sirikit Sericulture Centre of Surin which is beautifully located in lush nature and is very well looked after. The centre focuses on Surin's local textile - Silk, how it is made/used in Thailand. The Queen of Thailand adores Silk!   

Here are a few images of what was created by coraux mei using traditional Mud Mee Silk with Hol pattern. The pattern represents the flow of the river - water is precious in Thailand as it represents 'life'.  This silk is grown and made in Surin & Buriram.

Given its texture, thickness and geometric pattern - the silk was easier to work with than originally anticipated.  After observing how silk is made (see future posts), I really do appreciate how stunning the textile is.

The next post will display a selection of garments/products made by various designers....a very talented bunch!

I decided to combine the silk with leather to emphasise the luxurious attribute of silk. Being a fan of versatility and useful products, I made a selection of bags & a purse. The bags have detachable straps thus they can be used as either a messenger bag or a clutch bag. The bag on the right also fits an Apple iPad and/or Amazon Kindle!