At last - a website! and blog...


Hooray! After hours and hours plugged away, cups & cups of english breakfast tea, peppermint tea, meditative sittings, walks, loads of cinnamon and turmeric cashew milk, listening to an eclectic balance of music/talks.....the website is finally up and running.

It's taken some time to get to this stage since coraux mei began. Having now reached a milestone, there will most certainly be more milestones to reach... it's infinite!

As with all things, coraux mei is constantly changing. At this stage, the main one being the SHOP - its build up is in progress but for now please visit my pal and loyal companion... etsy!

Please keep on checking in for updates or alternatively find my page on Facebook, follow me on any other social links, or sign up to the newsletter. Particularly with the latter, I promise not to bombard you.

BIG love and thank yous to all who have given support be it large or minuscule... It really means a LOT. Special thanks to the many tribes that I've followed (or perhaps, stalked!) from the beginning....

Information about the tribes and symbolic meanings are from my personal discoveries and research. If you find that anything is unsuitable, incorrect or any other comments, please contact me